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Association of
Mental Health Coordinators

is a global network of entertainment and mental health professionals working to change the narrative about mental health in the entertainment arts.


Specializing in recorded performance (TV/Film) and live performance (theatre, dance, and music), mental health coordinators partner with artists and producing organizations of all sizes to equip their spaces with best practices and tools to support their work.

We offer organizational consulting, on-deck support for a creative process, and comprehensive training for individuals who wish to join us in facilitating safe, accurate, sensitive portrayal of mental illness while incorporating safeguards for cast and crew’s mental wellness.

What is a Mental Health Coordinator?

An MHC is an interdisciplinary mental health professional supporting responsible and compelling portrayal of mental health and challenging or traumatic themes. This includes individualized training, dramaturgy, assessment, cultural intervention, choreography, and crisis management. 

We work alongside creative professionals to ensure respectful and accurate portrayals of mental health and challenging themes. From providing personalized guidance to crisis preparedness, we ensure authenticity and sensitivity in storytelling through a blend of therapeutic insight and artistic expertise. Our role is to support the responsible depiction of mental health across various mediums, fostering a deeper understanding of these important subjects.

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Hire Us

Learn how a Mental Health Coordinator (MHC) can support your project or organization with cultural intervention, dramaturgical assessment, and more.

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Join Us

Gain tools and skills that you can apply as an entertainment artist, leader, teacher, and more, whether in a one-day workshop or through the path to certification.

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