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What We Do

Specializing in recorded performance (TV/Film) and live performance (theatre, dance, and music), mental health coordinators partner with artists and producing organizations of all sizes to equip their spaces with best practices and tools to support their work.

We offer organizational consulting, on-deck support for a creative process, and comprehensive training for individuals who wish to join us in facilitating safe, accurate, sensitive portrayal of mental illness while incorporating safeguards for cast and crew’s mental wellness.

Services Offered

Infrastructure Support

  • Risk Analysis: flagging potential risks, challenges, and issues in a script; providing recommendations accordingly

  • Dramaturgy: support for ethical portrayal of challenging topics

  • Cultural Policy Audit and Development: examining and reconfiguring current protocol and practices to promote psychological wellness and ethical operations

  • Referral and Resource Network: curating a database of local resources and supports, to be shared amongst the organization or project

Collaboration and Conflict Support

  • Concern Navigation: policy building and training on a comprehensive Concern Navigation Pathway to help groups manage conflict

  • Community Agreement Cultivation: facilitating a company-wide conversation resulting in "ground rules" regarding company operations

Company Trainings

  • Concern and Conflict Navigation Training

  • Creative Safety Training

  • Boundary Training and Practice

  • Mental Health 101 for Creatives

  • Container Practice

  • Certification in Mental Health First Aid

Individual Support

  • Access Need Coordination: preliminary surveys and conversations to assess needs for additional support throughout a process

  • One-on-One Support: individual support for individuals encountering challenges emerging from production or portrayal, including helping build a container practice for individuals

  • On-Call Support: crisis support (with use of responsible referral where necessary), including one-on-one as well as facilitation services

Portrayal Support

  • Staging, Consulting, and Choreography: supporting portrayal and staging of mental health challenges, violence, and intimacy

  • Content Notes and Audience Resources: development of content disclosure with a holistic view of the audience/patron experience, as well as talkbacks organization and facilitation

How We Do It

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