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Our Story

The Association of Mental Health Coordinators was founded in 2021 by Amanda Edwards and Bridget McCarthy. In that year, AMHC began offering training to expand and bring structure to the community of creative professionals seeking mental health tools to support their work. Dozens of participants have worked through various stages of pre-certification training, and the first cohort of certified Mental Health Coordinators is slated for Spring 2024.

Meet the Founders

amhc mental health coordinator Amanda Edwards
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Amanda Edwards  she/her

Bridget McCarthy  she/they

is an artist, advocate, and a mental health coordinator for theatre, TV and Film. She is a Trauma and Resilience Trainer (CTRT), a Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS) with Trauma Institute International, a Certified Mental Health First Aid instructor with the National Council for

was born into the world of music, dance, and theatre thanks to

parents in the performing

arts. Having spent most of her childhood in the studios of New Jersey Ballet, her parents’

decision to relocate to Colorado inspired new love of musical theate and unconventional venues

Behavioral Health, and is currently training with the North American Drama Therapy Association as a Drama Therapist candidate, as well as pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at New England College. Her solo work has centered around programming that amplifies under-heard voices, including time spent as a staff member and facilitator with Shakespeare Behind Bars. In 2020, they were recognized by Young Nonprofit Professionals of Atlanta as a member of their “30 Under 30” Cohort.

As an actor, Bridget is an artistic associate of Stage Door Theatre, and is seen frequently on stages around her beloved chosen home of Atlanta, GA. They have also been on the stages of Atlanta Shakespeare, Synchronicity Theatre, Burning Bones Physical Theatre, Alliance Theatre, Essential Theatre, and Georgia Ensemble Theatre. Nationally, Bridget has appeared with Cincinnati Shakespeare, Elm Shakespeare, Pigeon Creek Shakespeare, and many others. Their original solo show, “Fat Juliet” has toured nationally and features Bridget’s love of stand up comedy, Shakespere, AC/DC, and the Lion King. 


Bridget lives in Atlanta, GA with her wonderful partner, Joey, and can be found kayaking or hiking with her rescue dog, Oberon.

(Shakespeare Festivals on 16th Street Mall, anyone?).

Amanda studied dance, theater, choreography and education while appearing onstage at the Oriental Theater, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, and internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. While in college, Amanda pursued mental healthcare, obtaining a Masters of Science degree in Counseling and becoming a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher specializing in Somatic and Attachment healing with attunement to the Autonomic Nervous System.

In 2020, Amanda decided to unite her love of acting and choreography with her expertise in trauma, somatic awareness, the body and its boundaries, and client advocacy to embrace the new role of Intimacy Coordinator and then pioneering and defining the role of Mental Health Coordinator for film. She is also proud to serve her community on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Film and Video Association.

Amanda’s training in Mental Health and Intimacy Coordination is international, including certification through Intimacy Professionals Association, and she’s learned from some of the most highly regarded pioneers in the field. Her passion for the work has her collaborating with productions across all genres, platforms, and budgets as she believes firmly that every production which requires Mental Health or Intimacy Coordination absolutely deserves to have that support. She still serves clients with trauma and other mental health conditions in her private practice located in Parker, Colorado in between productions on-location across the country.



While AMHC was founded in 2022, people have been doing this work for a long time without acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation, or fancy certifications. We are grateful to those who do this work and those who have come before to start the conversation. We humbly honor you and your teachings and will always welcome your feedback.

Meet the Team

Cameryn Richardson  she/her

Associate Faculty

Cameryn is an Atlanta-based teaching artist, arts administration professional, actor, director, choreographer and synergy-fairy. The through line in her work is a passion for inquisitive, kind, and thoughtful spaces that uphold the beauty of our art forms and take care of the equally beautiful creators within them. Cameryn has worked in both non and for-profit arts education and learning spaces including the Atlanta History Center, the Atlanta Shakespeare Company (Shakespeare Tavern), Eclectic Music, the Atlanta Artist Relief Fund, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, and more in the past 9 years she's lived in the Atlanta area. Her hobbies include learning many things at once very slowly, hosting friends for any occasion possible, and singing to her partner's pet turtle.

amhc mental health coordinator Cameryn Richardson
amhc mental health coordinator Sarah Corbyn Woolf

Sarah Corbyn Woolf  she/her

Communications Coordinator

Sarah is a theater maker with a special focus in Shakespeare, movement, and artistic mental health. Based in Western MA, she has worked with companies throughout the Northeast, including Shakespeare Theatre Company, Shakespeare & Company, and New York Classical Theater. She has co-founded and been co-artistic director for two companies, including The Woolgatherers Theater Group, with whom she played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in 2019. In 2020, she received her MFA from the Shakespeare Theatre Company Academy and currently holds the positions of Treasurer and Human Resources Designee on the Board of Trustees at Advice To The Players in New Hampshire, where she is also an actor and director.

Bessie Zolno  she/her

Associate Faculty

Bessie is a violence, intimacy choreographer and newly certified Artistic Mental Health Practitioner. Originally a performer from the San Francisco Bay Area, Bessie has performed in over 35 productions across the Bay and won a Best Leading Actress award from SFBWW. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in musical theater and a minor in stage combat. While attending CCC she began choreographing, and has helped created  physicality for heightened moments for over  30 projects. Additionally, she has taught boundary work and communication work to improv troupes, opera singers, teens, and theater collectives. She is currently based in Tel Aviv where she is helping to create collaborative and consent driven spaces.

amhc mental health coordinator Bessie Zolno
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